Residenze Seicento

Come join us to experience beauty, art and culture at our Residenze Seicento. Our properties throughout Lucca and the surrounding area have been curated by Franca Severini, art expert, curator, publisher and journalist. Formerly of Sotheby’s London, and currently with ZonaFranca, the art and fashion publishing house. Her expertise in Italian art and culture is reflected in all the properties creating a sense of authenticity and surrounding beauty that will envelope you from the moment you arrive and throughout your stay. The attention to detail from the art hanging on the walls to the comfortable and elegant furnishings create an Italian experience that takes you back to a time of serenity where we can restore and absorb the true beauty of Italy.

Residenze Seicento blend gorgeous landscaping, historical architecture, ancient and modern art, and sumptuous cuisine with modern day details that allow guests to fully experience the elegance of Italy.
Franca’ s brother, Stefano Severini, has been in charge for many years now of the development of the family investment company of which Residenze Seicento is part, and blends his sister’s artistic and cultural vision with sophisticated travelers modern day expectations to provide an exquisite stay that will meet the most discerning guests needs.

Allow us to provide you with an experience that will indulge your travel desires and needs while creating new memories filled with history, art and beauty. The Severini family looks forward to hearing from you and creating your dreams.


Hidden gem in a private garden, a short distance from the Walls of Lucca


Apartments on a large panoramic terrace.


Art studio apartment in one of the most charming village in Italy.


Charming apartments with stunning garden.